Taking care of pest problems is critical for homeowners because these problems will continue to get worse until they are addressed. Household pests will continue to multiply in numbers while causing increasingly severe property damage. Therefore, homeowners must address pest problems as soon as they are found. The good news, however, is that modern pest control services can eradicate pest problems in little time and at reasonable cost.

Ant Control Services

Ants are small insects and, therefore, only need to find small cracks or holes to crawl into a home. Most ant infestations originate because of the presence of something they find attractive for eating or drinking. Sweet and greasy foods are particularly attractive to ants, and they sometimes go as far as to establish a nest within a home to take advantage of the availability of food. Most ant problems become apparent when homeowners notice one or two ants crawling on the floor of their kitchen or bathroom.

Furthermore, ants can sometimes be seen carrying food back to their nest. In severe cases, ants can gather around a food source in swarms. Some ants are also capable of boring holes into furniture and walls, so these pest problems should professionally inspected at treated for as soon as possible.

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are insects that hide in places that are difficult to reach until they are ready to feed. These insects can be particularly difficult to find because they often hide in wall sockets, ventilation shafts, and under rugs. Unfortunately, bed bugs survive by feeding on the blood of sleeping mammals, including household pets and humans. Warm-blooded pets are particularly vulnerable to bed bugs because they often sleep on floors or in cages.

Homeowners can recognize bed bug bites by the distinctive red marks they leave on skin. Bud bugs feed on rare occasions, but they can reproduce rapidly. Therefore, bed bugs should get professional bed bug treatment of at their first sign to prevent a large-scale infestation.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are destructive pests that live by eating wood. Since a home’s foundation, flooring, and furniture is often constructed from wood, eradicating cockroaches is critical for maintaining the value of a property. Cockroaches can sometimes stay hidden deep inside a home’s walls for many months before evidence of a cockroach infestation becomes apparent.

Cockroaches can reproduce rapidly, so homeowners finding these pests indoors should have Garella Pest Services evaluate their property as soon as possible. Failing to address cockroach infestations can lead to expensive repairs.

Managing Pest Problems

Household pest infestations are typically easy to take care of as long as they are addressed when they first emerge. Modern technology, however, can make even the toughest infestation relatively simple to eradicate. Getting the problem taken care of as soon as possible is critical. To start managing your pest problems, contact Garella Pest Services today for a free consultation and quote.