Ant Control in Edwardsville, IL and Surrounding Areas

Areas like Edwardsville, IL around central and southern Illinois are easily infested by ants during various times of the year. It may surprise people to know that indoor ant infestations are common during the winter. However, this makes sense once you realize that they are trying to escape the deadly cold, and they may enter the home through small cracks in search of warmth, food and water. Once an ant colony has discovered a way into your home or office, it is very difficult to get rid of them completely without professional help. You can eliminate an entire line of ants during one day only to wake up with a new line of ants in the same place in the morning.

Ants in Illinois

Ants are small insects with a segmented body and multiple legs protruding from various portions of the body. They are smaller than termites, but these two pests are difficult for many people to tell apart. Most ants are workers, and they can carry a load that is several times their body weight. Some ants have wings, and these are known as flying ants. There are also certain specific breeds of fire ants that are concentrated in southern regions of the globe. These ants have a reddish color, and they can bite into people’s flesh causing a lot of pain. Correctly identifying the specific ant you are dealing with is an important part of controlling the infestation.

How They Get In

Ants usually send out scouts to discover small cracks in the baseboards or walls of the building. They can easily fit through various cracks that are too small to be detected by the untrained human eye. They can quickly spot crumbs on the floor, so it is important to keep these surfaces clean at all times. Vacuum the carpets and mop the floors with a soapy solution after any ant infestation to minimize the trails left for others in the colony. Although most home remedies are useful temporarily, they rarely work to solve the problem. A persistent infestation will usually require a professional solution. Our technicians can locate the source of entry and design a custom removal solution that eliminates the problem at the source.

Ant Control Services From Garella

These pests do not appear as malicious as many other common insects, but they pose serious dangers to the integrity and value of your home. In addition, there are some ants that can carry diseases serious enough to affect the safety of your family. This includes pets, children, the elderly and anyone with a compromised immune system. These pests can carry germs across floors, counter tops and other commonly used surfaces. If they remain undetected, their residue could end up in the food supply.

They drag small pieces of dirt and debris from the outdoors into your living environment, and these particles can contaminate the food you eat. Our professionals can detect the specific mode of entry, the type of ant and the best solution for your specific problem. In addition to our comprehensive ant control solutions, we also have complete pest control protocols to effectively eliminate rats, spiders, termites, roaches, beetles and other common pests. If you have any type of pest infestation, do not hesitate to contact Garella immediately.

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