Cockroaches aren’t just creepy. These repulsive pests spread disease and make you feel less comfortable in your own home or place of business. Defend your property by learning more about the American cockroach and its habits. Whether you want to prevent an infestation or are already experiencing one, these tips from Garella Pest Services will help you keep your home or business cockroach-free.

What Does a Cockroach Look Like?

The American cockroach is reddish-brown and measures about one and-a-half to two inches in length. Its body is flat and wide with long antennae. Although it rarely uses them, the cockroach has clear wings.

How Cockroaches Gain Entry

American cockroaches can be found in open spaces but prefer dark places with plenty of moisture. They can enter a home or business via sewer lines or loose plumbing fixtures. Other entry points include cracks in your foundation and spaces under doors or windows.

Roaches find cardboard boxes appealing, making them a common means of entry in many homes and businesses. Failing to get rid of boxes brought home from flea markets, warehouse stores and other places can cause an infestation. It’s also a good idea to check grocery bags after shopping and examine luggage after traveling.

Damage from Cockroaches

Cockroaches can affect your food supply and even your health. They spread bacteria and disease through food, leaving anything they come into contact with inedible. If you spot a roach, your food may be at risk. When roaches come into contact with food, they leave behind microbes that can spread salmonella. The body parts, saliva and fecal matter left behind in common dust is also known to trigger allergic reactions and asthma.

They can even damage items in your home. These voracious eaters are certainly not picky and will feast on everything from traces of last night’s leftovers to the bindings on your books. Its hardy biological makeup means the cockroach can eat, and survive on, pretty much any organic material available.

Preventing Cockroach Invasions

Cockroaches strongly prefer wet places. Make your property less tempting by fixing any leaky pipes or plumbing fixtures. Try to identify moisture sources in basements and crawl spaces, and use a dehumidifier to keep dampness-prone areas drier.

Although a water source is important to roaches, keeping your home or business free of food debris can make it less alluring as well. Encourage everyone to clean up food or beverage spills and messes after meals immediately. Check “forgotten” areas like toaster crumb trays and oven broilers for crumbs and other food debris. Wipe down all surfaces regularly with a disinfectant spray.

Cockroach Control From Garella

You may be tempted to tackle a cockroach infestation with bug sprays or other home remedies. Going the DIY route is fine if you’re talking about minor home repairs, but over-the-counter products really don’t do the trick when it comes to roaches. If you’re experiencing a problem with cockroaches, contact the professionals at Garella Pest Control. We’ll eliminate roaches and other pests so you can get your clean, comfortable home or office back.

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