From the ancient mounds at the historic Cahokia site to the ketchup bottle-shaped water tower, Collinsville is home to some pretty fascinating attractions. The town also produces much of the world’s horseradish — and it’s sought-after by foodies around the world to boot.

Although people flock here for food festivals in the early summer and fall, they aren’t alone; bugs, spiders and rodents are drawn to this Southern Illinois town, too.

Residential Pest Control

When rain and humidity send pests indoors, you might end up with an infestation on your hands. Odorous ants are a common kitchen nuisance, but carpenter ants can wreak havoc on your home’s structure.

Most spiders are also harmless, but the brown recluse and a few other varieties can inflict pain and injury. Mosquitoes often harbor diseases, and ticks can make both humans and animals ill. Keep your home safe and comfortable with our residential pest control.

Commercial Pest Control

Businesses have a wide range of pest control needs. Restaurants may have to deal with Indian meal moths or, worse, cockroaches, invading their stored foods. Hotels are under threat of bed bug infestations, which can do serious damage to their reputations.

Stinging insects, dangerous spiders, rats and mice plague worksites of all types. Protect your customers, employees, inventory and public image by setting up regular inspections and treatments with our Commercial Pest Control.

Termite Control

Collinsville home and business owners often end up facing costly remediation when termites invade. Certain types of these pests thrive on the area’s sticky summer weather and abundant rain. Others are drawn to rotting wood.

Regardless of the type, no termite is a good termite. Infestations often go undetected because termites leave few clues to their existence. Watch for swarms outside and discarded wings inside. They do make subtle noises; listen for the following:

  • dry, rattling sound
  • the noise produced by tapping on hollow wood
  • the sound of rustling paper

The sooner you discover an infestation, the less you’ll spend fixing the problem. Contact us for termite control immediately if you see or hear any of these signs of an invasion.

Pests we Service

Hire Collinsville, IL Pest Control

If you’re in Southern Illinois and need help with pests, get in touch with Garella Pest Solutions. We provide safe, effective treatments and inspections in Collinsville and nearby communities.

Whether you need termite control or protection from a different invader, call today or contact us online. Our Collinsville pest control team will help restore comfort and safety at your home or business.