As a Southern & Central Illinois business owner or manager, you can’t afford to have bugs and other pests taking up residence in your commercial space. Unfortunately, many commercial property owners make the mistake of thinking that because they don’t see pests, the property must be pest-free.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Just because you can’t see pests doesn’t mean they’re not there. Termites, for example, can invade the interior of your business space, multiply rapidly and destroy the structural integrity of your building before you even know they’re on the scene.

Don’t Bug Your Customers

One of the most damaging things for your business and your reputation is for customers to see pests on your premises. Hotels and restaurants must be extra-vigilant about pests. With regular pest control, you won’t have to worry about losing customers because bugs are on the loose in your space.

Whether you have already spotted bugs and want them gone or you have no bugs and want to keep it that way, commercial pest control is a smart investment. Here are just a few reasons why it’s a good idea to schedule ongoing commercial pest control for your commercial space:

Worry-Free Service

When you set up regular pest control, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your premises are protected against pesky invaders.

Fewer Pesticides on Your Property

Did you know that DIY extermination is a risky venture? Professional pest control companies use as few toxins as possible to keep bugs at bay. When you try to control pests yourself, you’re likely to use harsher and more toxic chemicals than a professional would and to apply them ineffectively.

A Healthier Environment

Droppings from insects and rodents can make people ill. Bites from fleas and bedbugs are annoying, while spider bites and insect stings can, in extreme cases, cause severe illness or death. Regular pest control not only protects your property but all the people who use it. It also protects you as a property owner against legal sanctions that could develop if someone in your space suffered illness or injury due to pests.

Pest Control Treatments You Can Trust

Pests like roaches and fleas are highly resistant to pesticides. When you turn pest control over to a professional, you can rest assured that you are getting pest treatments that are specially formulated to kill pests safely and effectively.

Eliminate Infestations and Prevent Their Return

If you’ve noticed pests in your commercial space, always remember: For every pest you see, there are dozens more you can’t see. Whether you see one bug or 50 bugs, schedule pest control as soon as possible. Pests can quickly get out of control, and the one or two bugs you see this week could easily become 50 or 60 bugs by next week.

Garella Pest Services has been keeping Southern Illinois commercial properties bug-free since 1945. Don’t take chances with your business. Call Garella Pest Services for a no-obligation pest management consultation and a free pest control estimate. We will perform a thorough inspection of your property and personalize our pest control treatments and services to best meet your needs.

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