Glen Carbon is a small town in Madison County, which is part of the state of Illinois. The population hovers around 13,000 people, and this makes it a place where people tend to know each other very well. The people in this state experience cold winters, which can exacerbate pest problems for local homeowners and businesses. The pest problems that happen during the summer are often the result of hibernating pests like termites, for example. There is a need to maintain pest control services throughout the cold months of the year even when the pests aren’t visible to the naked eye.

Residential Pest Control

Homeowners work hard to make their home environment warm and cozy. This is a place for you to recover from a hard day’s work, and nothing is more distressing than discovering a pest infestation in your refuge. Pests can carry and transmit diseases. This is a risk factor for family members living with a depressed immune system.

There are also the social problems that accompany a pest infestation; family members are unlikely to bring friends to visit, and relatives might stay away as well. Get the pest infestation eliminated to prevent the worst-case scenario from happening to your family members.

Commercial Pest Control

Business owners also have a vested interest in ensuring that their commercial property is free from pest infestations at all times. This is especially true for businesses that operate within a small town like Glen Carbon, IL. Pest infestations can trigger an investigation by the city health officials, for example. The business owner can be fined for failing to protect the public’s heath by acting immediately to eliminate the pests from the property.

It is advisable to have the property inspected periodically to avoid the situation where the customer spots the pest before staff members. Our service professionals are discreet, and we can provide you with the assurance you need to operate your business pest-free all year long.

We provide the following pest-control services:

Garella Pest Services hires only exceptional professionals. We know how important it is for our customers to feel confident that the pest problem has been eliminated at the source. Our experts are part of the community, and we feel like serving our customers is the same as providing pest control for our own family members.

Our service professionals are experienced, and they always use the latest techniques and tools for eliminating pests in the most efficient manner possible. If you suspect a pest infestation, contact one of our friendly service professionals so that we can solve your pest problems.

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