Virden, IL, is a small town that has Springfield to the north and St. Louis to the south, so those who want the best of both worlds can have it here. Besides the peacefulness and the proximity to the big cities, Virden has a fairly comfortable climate, though the summers can get hot and humid. Another thing to remember is that, along with the rest of the Midwest, it can be the home of a lot of different pests.

Depending on the type of pest your home or business is harboring, you may experience property damage, health problems, or both. Subterranean termites may eat away at your foundation while rodents may pass around hantaviruses. Pigeon droppings may harm your health and wear down concrete structures. Whatever your situation, you’ll want a professional pest control service provider to handle it, and that’s where Garella Pest Services comes in.

Residential Pest Control

Whether you see a few ants in the kitchen or have a full-blown bed bug infestation in your room, have us over for an inspection. Note that for every one pest that you see, there are likely a dozen of the same that are hidden from sight. Our technicians will be able to determine the extent of the problem and come up with an appropriate pest control service plan.

Our roach control, for example, may make use of insecticides as well as non-chemical treatment options like baits. We may eliminate bed bugs through a whole-room heat treatment. In all that we do, we’ll strive for your satisfaction and make your health and safety the top priority.

Commercial Pest Control

Our ant, spider, termite, and roach control, among other things, is available for commercial property owners as well, including hotel, restaurant, office, and apartment building owners. You’ll receive the same high-level combination of chemical and non-chemical treatments that take care of the problem without putting you or your employees or clients in danger. Our company can schedule commercial pest control for a discreet time.

Termite Control

With a termite inspection, we can determine whether your property is being infested by drywood or subterranean termites. Our technicians can then develop an appropriate plan. To kill off the subterranean kind, we can install Sentricon® bait systems over the underground colony, and to deal with both types, we can utilize Termidor®, a liquid termiticide.

In all, we have services for:

Serving Customers Since 1945

Garella Pest Services is a third-generation family-run business that can tackle any bee, cockroach, or bed bug infestation of any size. Our technicians are all “homegrown” and know exactly what the Virden area is susceptible to. Contact us today for an ant, spider, rodent, or termite inspection.