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Do you want your home to be a warm and inviting place? Your answer is probably a firm “yes,” unless, of course, we’re talking about residential pests. In that case, there is nothing less desirable than an infestation of ants, termites, cockroaches, bedbugs or spiders.

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In addition to the “ick factor” that all of these critters possess, there are some very clear reasons why you do not need any of them living in close proximity to you and your family. First, they can carry diseases and sometimes have bites that can be harmful to your health. In addition, food can be contaminated by their droppings. Second, some of these critters can cause significant structural damage to your property over time. If left to their own devices, termites will eventually fatally compromise the very foundation of your house, making extensive repairs or even demolition necessary. If one day you should decide to put your house on the market, its value will be drastically reduced if you are found to be infested with termites or carpenter ants.

In the world of pest control, prevention can be one of your most valuable strategies. In other words, don’t wait until your property is swarming with ants or cockroaches. When ants find a hospitable place to establish a colony, they send a “come check out our new home” message far and wide. Before you know it, you can have a carpenter ant colony of thousands that is capable of doing very real damage to your wooden surfaces. In the same vein, a single female cockroach lays somewhere between 300 and 400 eggs during her lifetime, with some species only needing to be impregnated once. When you realize that the same fact holds for every female offspring she produces, it’s no wonder that cockroach infestations can occur very quickly. 

When cockroaches make themselves at home, you will usually see them as soon as you turn on the kitchen lights at night, or you will notice their droppings. However, termites are more insidious. Unsuspecting homeowners can sometimes go for years before recognizing the signs of an infestation. These include noticing a swarm of what appears to be flying ants, seeing pencil-sized tunnels constructed between the food source (your home’s wood) and their nest, observing live termites and finding damaged or thin wood surfaces. Although the rate at which damage occurs is slow, the progress is steady and insidious. 

By contrast, you will not want years to go by before you do something about a bedbug infestation. Although they do not carry diseases, their bites can cause discomfort and even allergic reactions. Furthermore, no one relishes the idea of insects sharing the house and even the bed with them. A single female may lay hundreds of eggs over her lifetime, each of which is the size of a dust speck. Getting rid of these repulsive creatures is extremely difficult, particularly for a homeowner who lacks professional equipment.

Less upsetting and easier to spot and remove are spiders. A home infested with the common house spider will feature many empty cobwebs, and you might find live spiders hiding in your clothing. This prospect is quite unsettling, in spite of the fact that most spider bites are not poisonous.

Pest Control Services from Garella

No matter which of these creatures is making its presence known in your home, your best bet is to enlist the services of a professional exterminator. At Garella Pest Control, we have been providing pest management services to the residents and businesses of southern Illinois since 1945. We are a third-generation family business committed to removing annoying, disgusting and dangerous pests from your living area. Furthermore, our knowledgeable specialists will help you to recognize how the pests gained entry and will offer you suggestions that will discourage them from returning. Don’t let another day go by; don’t give these critters another minute to reproduce and do more damage. Call Garella Pest Services today.

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