Most people don’t even realize they have a termite infestation until it’s too late. By the time they discover the termites, the pests have caused thousands of dollars in damages. These invasive insects chew through a variety of materials and cause damage wherever they go. In the wild, termites help to eliminate dead trees and plant matter across the forest floor. However, these pests also do a good job of destroying homes and businesses throughout Illinois.

How to Identify Termites

It’s easy to misidentify termites when you see them. To the untrained eye, these small insects look almost identical to ants and crawl along the ground in a similar fashion. If you look closely, termites have much larger heads than ants do.

Termites and flying ants both have wings and swarm in the springtime. Whereas flying ants never shed their wings, termites often leave their discarded wings around foundations and windowsills. Termites also lack the defined waistline of ants and appear bulky from their heads to their abdomens.

How Termites Enter Your Property

Termites invade homes and businesses from below and above the ground. Subterranean termites burrow underground and tunnel through the foundation. Drywood and dampwood termites attack homes and businesses above the ground and chew through wood, plaster and other construction materials. Termites don’t just compromise building structures throughout Illinois; they also attack wooden furniture, fencing, decks and railing.

Termites live and breed in large colonies and often relocate as they search for food. These colonies contain thousands of termites all working together in unison. If you leave an infestation untreated, these insects can eat away your home’s equity. In fact, termites cause more than $5 billion in damages every year. Because many insurance plans don’t cover termite damage, the repair costs come out of your pocket.

Protecting Your Home From Termites

No matter its size, shape or purpose, most any building can provide adequate food, warmth and shelter for a termite colony. Whether it’s a door frame, a chair or a structural timber, termites can eat the wood from the inside out. Unfortunately, the infestation can go unnoticed until the termites have almost completely destroyed the wood.

Termite infestations have a financial impact on homes and businesses. While termites can cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs, they can also disrupt commercial operations and halt profits. Termites adapt to changing environments and can live within the wood and in the soil around the foundation. An unseen threat of this magnitude requires professional inspection and control.

Termite Control Services from Garella

At Garella, we use the latest in termite control products to ensure that we are able to customize the perfect termite control solution for your situation. Two of the main products we use are the Sentricon Bait System and Termidor Termite Defense.

Sentricon Termite Bait System

Termidor Termite Defense

When termites threaten your home or business, contact Garella Pest Services for a free quote. We specialize in treating termites in both residential and commercial spaces. Our technicians can inspect your home, business and property and identify termites at the source.

Afterward, we’ll create a unique plan of action that’s specific to your infestation. We not only eradicate an existing infestation but also apply preventative treatment to keep stubborn termites from coming back.

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